2019 MRC Price List


$900 per month, payable to MRC.

Two lessons and two schoolings per week.

Due 1st of every month.

Security deposit of $900. 30 days notice required.


$1,000 per stall with paddock per month payable to MRC, which includes feeding, bedding, cleaning, and turnouts.

Due 1st of every month.

Security deposit of $1,000. 30 days notice required.

Full Care- grooming, lungeing, supplements or medications, vet and farrier, tack cleaning - additional $400 per month.


$85 per show day, plus set up/schooling day. Minimum of $340 a day.

$100 per training/schooling or class when ridden by Valerie. 

Paid separately- Trailer, groom, and braider.

Split by clients- Trainer's hotel, gas and food expenses ($85/day flat rate), grooming stall, show dressing, and tack room.

Entries and nonrefundable deposit are due 21 days in advance.

Sales or Leasing

Sale and lease price commission of 15 percent, plus travel (air, car) and gas and food expenses ($85/day flat rate).

*Valerie found and matched both the horse and pony for her clients to previously achieve the #1

AHSA/USEF rankings.

$5,000 nonrefundable initial retainer for sales and $2,000 nonrefundable retainer for leases.


$125 private per hour.  $100 each rider in a semiprivate. $75 each rider in a group. MRC horse +$50 per hour. Trailer in +$25.

Prepaid and 24 hours notice required or billed in full. Weekly appointment has 4 lesson/month minimum.

Marin Riding Club (MRC)

Valerie Hagan Harlan


(415) 272-3630 Mobile


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